Boi – Avaliação EN
Boi – Avaliação EN

Boi – Avaliação EN



Animal Name*
Sex* (male, female)
Animal date of birth*
Castrated?* (yes, no)
Weight* (kg)
1. Locomotion
2. Interactive behavior
3. Activity
4. Appetite
5. Miscellaneous Behaviors (please tick each item if applicable)

(A) Wagging the tail abruptly and repeatedly
(B) Licking the surgical affected area
(C) Moves and arches the back when in standing posture
(D) Kicking/foot stamping
(E) Hind limbs extended caudally when in standing posture
(F) Head below the line of spinal column
(G) Lying down in ventral recumbency with full or partial extension of one or both hind limbs
(H) Lying down with the head on/close to the ground
(I) Extends the neck and body forward when lying in ventral recumbency

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