Coelho – Vídeo 03 EN
Coelho – Vídeo 03 EN

Coelho – Vídeo 03 EN

After watching the test video, score the corresponding behaviors and see your results. You are able to use the scale when your scores are up to 20% higher or lower than the template scores in at least three tests.


1. Posture

A) Moves around normally and/or jumps
B) Presents bipedal or quadrupedal position
C) Walks at a very slow pace
D) Lies for most of the time
E) Does not move for most of the time

2. Activity

A) The rabbit moves normally and/or when stationary performs normal activity
B) The rabbit moves little and does not perform normal activity
C) The rabbit is immobile and does not perform normal activity

3. Interaction and Appetite

A) Interacts with environmental enrichment objects
B) Eats
C) Sniffs the environment
D) Presents self-cleaning behaviour (grooming), except at the affected area

4. Facial Expression

A) Keeps eyes wide open and ears erect all the time
B) Keeps eyes semi-closed or closed at any moment
C) Presents drooping ears at any moment

5. Attention to the affected area

A) Licks the affected area
B) Presses the abdomen against the floor
C) Keeps one limb suspended

6. Miscellaneous behaviours

A) Attempts to stand up, but remains lying down
B) Rapid dorsal movement of the body (flinches)
C) Retracts and closes the eyes (winces)
D) Tremors