Gato SF – Avaliação EN
Gato SF – Avaliação EN

Gato SF – Avaliação EN



Animal Name*
Sex* (male, female)
Animal date of birth*
Castrated?* (yes, no)
Weight* (kg)
1. Evaluate the cat's posture in the cage for 2 minutes
2. Please tick where applicable

A. The cat contracts and extends its pelvic limbs and/or contracts its abdominal muscles (flank)
B. The cat's eyes are partially closed (do not consider this item if present until 1h after the end of anesthesia)
C. The cat licks and/or bites the affected area
D. The cat moves its tail strongly
Deselect Answer

3. Evaluation of comfort, activity and attitude after the cage is open and how attentive the cat is to the observer and/or surroundings
4. Evaluation of the cat's reaction when touching, followed by pressuring around the painful site