Porco – Avaliação EN
Porco – Avaliação EN

Porco – Avaliação EN



Animal Name*
Sex* (male, female)
Animal date of birth*
Castrated?* (yes, no)
Weight* (kg)
1. Posture
2. Interaction and interest in the surroundings
3. Activity
4. Appetite
5. Attention to the affected area

A. Elevates pelvic limb or alternates the support of the pelvic limb
B. Scratches or rubs the painful area
C. Moves and/or runs away and/or jumps after contact of the affected area
D. Sits with difficulty
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6. Miscellaneous behaviors

A. Wags tail continuously and intensely
B. Bites the bars or objects
C. The head is below the line of the spinal column.
D. Presents difficulty in overcoming obstacles (example: other animal)

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